The Royal Villa Resort

Royal Villa Resort touches the town but gives protection and keeps up peace and tranquility far from the bothers of the town. The Resort has a warm regal welcome. There is a colossal stopping range legitimately monitored by security staff. It is extraordinarily intended for comfort and in addition wellbeing of the vehicles of the guests.

Best Traditional Decorators

The Royal Villa Resort is not individuals but we are the team of experts to make everything and every moment of marriage ceremony great one.

Punjabi culture is one of the oldest and richest cultures in world history, and also one of the most vibrant.

The traditional culture has been strengthened and expanded to the western world as well.

Punjab has a very rich tradition of dances, particularly the folk ones.

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Celebrities at Royal Villa

Babbar Sher song by Rami Randhawa & Prince Randhawa, the latest Punjabi song 2017 directed at The Royal Villa Resort

Produced By - Jodh Singh Johal
Artist - Rami Randhawa & Prince Randhawa
Music - Ramaz Music
Lyrics – Saab Pangota
DOP – Rajesh Rathore
Director- Vijay Dutt Vikas
Arranged by- Rakesh Verma